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NEM Coin – Who is behind the crypto currency?
The NEM Coin development was started by a user of the Bitcointalk platform, about whom nothing else is known except his nickname „utopianfuture“. A small team of developers has gathered around him, which has grown to around 70 men to date. Although anyone can basically participate in the development of the crypto currency, the team seems to be largely recruited from Asia, especially Japan. For the team it is not so much about the personalities behind NEM, they rather focus on coin development.

Bitcoin Profit – Advantages and Disadvantages

The number of coins is fixed on the almost 9 billion XEMS. This prevents the crypto currency from inflation. Digging XEM can provide a consistent return, where not only the XEMs jump out, but also the increasing reputation brings some advantages. At NEM, mining is called „harvesting“. To start harvesting you need at least 10,000 XEM. There is a lot of potential in the software and many of the technologies are among the most advanced that can be found in the field of crypto currencies. The software does not require any third-party vendors, so programs developed on the blockchain can be used on a wide variety but Bitcoin Profit has lot of potential of devices. NE/M is therefore extremely flexible. The blockchain is designed for the use of thin clients. This type of software is particularly slim and user-friendly. Whether on smartphones, PCs or minicomputers, thin clients run everywhere.

One disadvantage is that N/EM is still in early development. The infrastructure is still very young, important elements such as the nanoWallet were not only made available recently. It is not yet possible to say whether the development will be as the team imagines it to be.

For a long time, the price was at an unobservable value, a state that the crypto currency shared with many other old coins. In 2016, the price was often at 0.01 euros. In the course of the year, the share price increased slightly in places, but never exceeded 5 cents.

A turnaround came in 2017, and in March, like many other crypto currencies, the exchange rate picked up speed at the same time. In May, XEM reached 10 cents per coin for the first time, only to jump up to 20 cents within a few days. After that, the price fell back to 10 cents. As before, the price was similar to other crypto currencies during the same period. In September 2017, the crypto currency was extremely volatile. It could reach up to 25 cents per coin, but the price fluctuated again and again into the depth.
The coin remained in this segment for the next few months. In December, however, the share price made a leap upwards: Within a month the value of the coin rose to 50 cents and by the end of the month up to 80 cents per coin. At the beginning of the year, the share price again experienced an upward trend and broke through the 1 euro mark. XEM did not stop there, however, but climbed to the value of 1.50 Euro. Slight fluctuations remained, but nevertheless this was the most successful start into a new year for the coin.
For 2018, it can be concluded that the coin appears to have been based on the exchange rates of other crypto currencies. Trends will probably also apply to XEM. However, it has been shown that the coin has a lot of potential and can increase many times over within weeks. So the coin forecast for 2018 looks quite positive when you consider how high the digital currencies have soar in recent months. Even though the value of a coin has not yet reached other values, XEM has experienced a plus of 14,000 % since the start of the crypto currency.

The partnership with Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation could have had an influence on this. This is a government institution that manages digital infrastructure and security. The institution advises the Malaysian government on technology-related laws and mediates high-tech companies. This could lead to Malaysian companies testing NEM and using the coin. Therefore it is worth thinking about buying NEM Coin.

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