Crypto currencies – March losers

Ethereum had to accept a lot in March. Ethereum started the month trading at $860 per ether, losing over 50 percent by the end of the month. The ether closes the month at $410, the lowest point in 2018.

Ripple also suffered a Bitcoin revolution

XRP has fallen 45 percent from $0.95 to $0.52 in the last 31 days. There has been a lot of positive Bitcoin revolution news about Ripple’s new partnerships and expansions into new markets, but these developments have failed to strengthen XRP. Also compared to Bitcoin revolution, XRP has dropped 14 percent from around 8700 to around 7450 Satoshi.

On March 1st, Bitcoin Cash traded at around $1,250, losing 42 percentage points since then and falling to $725. As the Lightning Network gains momentum and BTC transaction fees fall, Bitcoin Cash gradually loses its advantage over its big brother.

Litecoin had a hard month. LTC has fallen from around $205 to $124, a drop of almost 40 percent. The LitePay fiasco was the main cause of the collapse.

Ethereum code has improved some places in market capitalization, but has also fallen

At the beginning of the month, Ethereum code traded for $8.40 and at the end of the month for around $6, a drop of around 28 per cent. Compared to Bitcoin, Ethereum code performed much better at around 87,000 satoshis at the end of the month.

Cardano was one of the biggest losers, with a drop of over 50 percent from $0.30 to $0.15. At Bitcoin, Cardano lost from 2,800 to 2150 Satoshi.

Stellar Lumens has joined the negative trend of the market with a 40 percent drop from $0.34 to $0.20. There are actually no serious news or developments to report from the XLM or ADA sectors. Stellar has fallen relative to Bitcoin from 3,150 to 2,760 Satoshi, about 12 percent.

Neo had a good February, but a terrible March and fell from $130 to $52, down almost 60 percent. There was no negative news that could strongly affect Neo. The old coin lost about 40 percent to Bitcoin (741,000 Satoshi).

The last Altcoin in the top ten also fell sharply in March. Iota fell by about 41 percent from $1.95 to $1.14 at the end of the month. Relative to Bitcoin, it lost 12 percentage points from 18,500 to 16,300 Satoshi.

Only Tron and Binance Coin have experienced slight gains, while most have fallen sharply. Hopefully we can report another trend in April.

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