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• The article discusses the different types of taxes that people pay in the US.
• Taxes are divided into three main categories – income tax, sales tax, and property tax.
• Different states have different policies on these taxes and how they are collected and used.

Types of Taxes

The United States levies a variety of taxes on its citizens to fund federal, state, and local government programs. These taxes can be divided into three main categories: income tax, sales tax, and property tax. Each type of tax is collected differently and applied differently by each state or local jurisdiction.

Income Tax

Income taxes are levied based on an individual’s income level in a given year. The amount of federal income tax owed is calculated by taking into account several factors including filing status, number of dependents, deductions, credits, and other applicable adjustments. States also impose their own income taxes with rates varying from state to state.

Sales Tax

Sales taxes are imposed on goods or services purchased at retail locations within certain jurisdictions. The rate for sales taxes varies across states but typically ranges between 4-10%. In addition to the state sales tax rate, some cities or counties may also impose additional sales taxes above the state rate up to 2-3%.

Property Tax

Property taxes are assessed based on the value of real estate located within a particular jurisdiction. Property owners must pay this annual fee regardless if they have any income or not as it is considered part of owning property in that area. Rates vary widely across states but tend to be much higher in urban areas than rural ones due to higher land values associated with city living.


While there are many different types of taxes levied by both the federal government and individual states or localities, they all serve an important purpose in funding public services such as education, libraries, roads & bridges maintenance etc… Understanding how these different types work will help you plan for your financial future more effectively since you’ll know exactly what you’re responsible for paying each year come April 15th!

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